Monday, June 7, 2010


Green Beans
Bean seed is one of the most difficult to chose. As a standard we always choose Blue Lake. But then there's French & Italian Beans, well we had to have those too. Beans like Super Marconi, Marvel of Venice, Trionfo Violette, which are all Romano Beans. They are a very beany tasting bean. Leo loves the S. Anna a French Haricot. Of course, everything else loves it too, including the slugs, snails, lbb's, (Little Brown Birds), the gophers and the menace of visiting friends and family. The slim haricot reminds me of the beautiful French women of Paris, so aloof, so pretty, so illusive.

Runner Beans
But these are just the green beans! We also raise shelly beans, hopefully you will receive a bag of scarlet runners, painted lady, Bianchi de Spagna, Jack in the Beanstalk & Insook's Wang Kong all runner beans. I am trying to naturalize these on the farm as part of our permaculture effort.

Dry Beans
For those of you with us last year, you will know that no autumn is complete for me without dry beans, my favorite is Good Mother Stallard, an oldie but goodie. This year all of these seeds will be saved for increasing the planting next year. But, you will still receive dried butter beans, shellys, Hidasa Shield Beans, Cannellini Beans, Calypso Beans and cranberry beans.
Don't forget there is also edamame and butter beans coming soon!

Beans you won't see this year: Strangenbohne Ilanz & Gold Rush both so rare that I have to cage them against the wiley gopher and increase the seed until next year.

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