Monday, April 21, 2014

Drought - April 21, 2014

Conserving Water has always been a top priority at our farm.   Over the years we've tried different approaches, black plastic, compost, drip emitters.  Some of these have been very successful.  Others have their own problems.
Planting corn on drip emitters and adding compost to the sides

Although we have found black plastic to heat the soil and conserve water,  as well a reduce weeds, it also has become a habitat for Squash Bugs.   Since the CSA is closed, it's my plan to continue to share what works through this drought.
Mixed plantings

Here is another thing that has worked for us.  We call this a now and later planting.  In this bed there are carrots and lettuce.  About the time that the carrots need more room, the lettuce will already be harvested.  The lettuce is growing on the excess water from the carrots.