Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

My seeds are coming along.  The peas are just about done and I'm thinking of cutting the water to them and planting beans there.  It's so hot, I'm thinking limas.
Isola di Este Corn

Most of the fields are planted and I'm just working on keeping everything weeded, composted and watered.

Dar's self planting Beans and the Alaska Peas

Another feral cat showed up on the farm.   With her she brought a surprise, I found 4 kittens in the chicken coop, laid very nicely in a nest box.
Spatz the feral cat

Grey Kitten
They'll be ready to rehome in a few weeks.  Anyone who wants a kitten, let me know.  The tally is 2 Classic Europeans, 1 all black and 1 grey.  As soon as she starts to wean these, I hope to be able to catch mom and spay her.  As you can see, she's not exactly leaping into my arms.  They are too young to sex, I don't like to pick them up before 3 weeks.  This little minx was out of the nest box, so I took his photo and returned him to the pile.  They opened their eyes on 5/14.

Look  at the beautiful red iceberg lettuce.  Drat this heat!  I don't want it to bolt.   Another 100 degree day at the farm.  Yuck.