Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 6, 2012

Seed Cleaning
Asian Eggplant

Well here it is January and almost time to start tomatoes, peppers and eggplants.  Yikes, I'm still cleaning seeds of Eggplants!

These were some of the last vegetables out of the field and I'm just about finished with them.

The notice for sign-ups will be going out on Monday.  So please, check your e-mail.  Lots of choices this year, bags or boxes, weekly or every other week shares.

Deposits are due by February 1, mailed directly to me.

Where the snowplow put the snow

Hope you all are having a glorious winter.  Leo and I have just come back from the cabin.  4 glorious days with no kids, phone, internet.  Just beautiful, quiet, sparkling snow.  Snow plow guy, what a sense of humor, since we are the only folks on the block who don't live there full-time, read here (he doesn't get a $$ kick back from us),  he pushed all the snow from the street into our driveway.

Leo had to sled the tools in to finish the kitchen!

Man, talk about blue, the sky was so blue, it hurt to look at it.  I did not miss the farm mud.  It was a balmy 11 degrees!  We are still eating winter melon and the last of the storage tomatoes!  Broccoli is in.  First one to sign up gets a big bouquet!  Have a great month.

Blue Skies, and Plum Trees