Sunday, June 27, 2010

Farm Fun

The most fun day on the farm is the day the hay is stacked. Leo always puts up a bale ladder and we climb up and sit on top. When we were but spuds, we used to bring blankets and look at the stars from on top the bales. Our nieces and nephews love the bales, they are like giant building blocks. Otis the cat loves them too, they give the vantage of shade, stealth and getting a little height above ones prey. For me, I always get a little perspective from up here. From up here, the weeds look smaller, the sky looks bigger, and all the problems seem far away. Some years, even the hay is at risk. One night when we were sleeping, some one came and stole the whole pile. I called the sheriff. He was pretty funny, he asked me if I could identify it. He didn't seem to think they were going to be able to find it. I don't think they even looked. I guess they thought I put bar tags on every bale, so that when they went through the register they could just scan them.
Tonight, we'll sit on the bales and watch the giant Honey Moon (the June full moon) wane. If you're in the neighborhood, come and join us for a beer and watch your problems disappear.

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