Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dr. Professor Longhair

30 Days with a Cat

They call me Dr. Professor Longhair. I was abandoned in Northern California. Zack and Casey rescued me and brought me to the farm. Yeah, they knew there were dozens of ferals here, but they knew I was different. I was a lover cat. Left to live in a vent under a house in the snow. They lured me out with a can of cat food and promises of a forever home

Leo knew me right away as a lover man. I took to the stairs, the chair, and I was a cuddling fool. Holly tested me on a road trip, here I am on my own queen bed at Mammoth. I'm a traveling cat. 6 miles from home, I opened the cat carrier and was riding on the jump seat of the truck. That was on Pacheco Pass. By the time we hit Carson Pass I was climbing through the pass through using the port potty and feed yourself station. What's not to love about hotel rooms? Room service 24/7, dial a mom, clean sheets - hey this is the Ritz hotel.

Back at home all is good. So I don't want to go outside. Been there. Done that. It's highly overrated. There's like farm cats, and all kinda of things out there. Just give me lap, lots of lap, lots of big old warm lap and a bowl of cat food and I'm happy.

And then there was day 28. Suddenly, I had a little trouble breathing. Then I stopped eating. Then we went to the vet. It was ugly. But, I'm a prince and I went down like a King. I had a little lung issue. 30 days, it was a good ride. Some cats never get the love. Me, I had it from Zack and Casey and Leo and Holly.

Opening: Farm house cat. Must be lovable and supportive. Good food and good company, must agree to give up sex life. (Well no position is perfect).

Here's to you Doc, best darn Professor we ever learnt from.

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