Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Horehound Drops

Marriubium Vulgare
When I was a child my mother would bundle my sister and I off to Minnesota to visit the Grandmothers during the summer. These two blessed women, must have been totally insane to take us for the whole summer.

We spent July with one and August with the other. When I wasn't fishing or berry picking with the Grandfathers, or fighting with my sister, I was often perched on a stool in the kitchen or basement, watching one of my Grandmother's make something. Women of some talent there was almost nothing they couldn't make, including medicine.

Horehound drops were for sore throats and chest congestion. Of course, as the chief brat, I went from one cold to another, which is why I'm sure my Grandma made these.

Horehound is one of the bitter Passover herbs, and it's very name means bitter. I'm pretty sure I got well in a hurry because I didn't want to have to eat these, or I didn't want to miss a picnic, or a swim party, or a sleepover with my cousins (Hi Jane!), BBQ, a parade...oh how fun summer was.

I've put a few of these in your basket this week. I'm sure you won't like them, but they are effective. Take one at the first sign of missing out on something fun. Horehound drops are made from horehound, water, sugar & lemon oil. I bet they'd be delicious without the horehound!

To the left, Horrible Holly & Terrible Terri. Holly's the one with the kitten.

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