Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Zack

Having a son is a great thing

Having a son who's off in his own is even better. Of course sometimes it gets a little lonely here on the farm. There's no nocturnal bumping and thumping upstairs. Our phone doesn't ring constantly and of course the refrigerator is always full and there's plenty of chocolate. The general hum of activity is just a quiet buzz without him here. So whenever we get to thinking it's too quiet, we do the farm tour where Zack's legacy let's us
know he's been here and left his mark. Whether his mark was done with a spray can, a packet of seeds, a box of pastels, a lump of clay, or a block of wood.

Zack your presence is felt every day. Have a happy birthday. And what about the presents? The card is in the mail, check the pockets of your last package, and your bank account. Love, us

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