Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ed & Connie

Blacktail Mountain Ranch
Once upon a time Leo and I raised pigs and sheep and ducks and goats and chickens and rabbits and turkeys and geese...and it was even more work than raising vegetables. Hard to believe, but true.

I can leave the vegetables and the farm for a couple of days, knowing that the veges will be okay, the feral cats will be okay and the chickens will carry on. But when we had animals, Leo and I only left the farm once. And whew boy, it was expensive to find a sitter. So we really appreciate anyone who raises humane meat. Most of you know me as fish-a-tarian. Since we stopped raising our own meat, I would not eat meat. I know too much of what goes on down at the ranch and in the processing house. That all changed last year when we received organic grass fed lamb and beef from the Holding Ranch in California.

Last week we received a beautiful package of "cardiac cow" from Ed and Connie from Blacktail Mountain Ranch in Montana. They have bred a Piedmontese and Scottish Highland cow to create the lowest fat/lowest cholesterol breed you'll find. They raise their cattle in a humane, natural fashion. Well tasting is believing. I rubbed one chuck steak with brown sugar and salt, garlic powder and farm herbs and let it rest for 2 hours. On the charcoal grill, I grilled one side, flipped it and shut the vents. 10 minutes later, we were eating great beef.

Ed and Connie are two of the nicest folk that you will ever talk to. (www.blacktailmountainranch.com). I love that we can order just what we need and the cuts we like. You all know that my freezer is crammed to capacity! There's just not room in there for a half a cow.

Connie even sent me some recipes! Now, that's service. I don't know how Ed did it, but he got the famed Chef Paul Alsippi from the Grouse Mountain Lodge in Whitefish, Montana to send me his recipe for brisket. Father's Day is looking good!

The above photo of Ed was boosted from Eugenia Bone's blog, Well Preserved. (http://blogs.denverpost.com/preserved/) Eugenia has a great recipe for Bolognese Sauce from Ed & Connie's Beef. Some of the very best preserves that you have received in your boxes are from Eugenia's recipes.

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