Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 4th and Gee it's Hot

Okay, who took my Spring?  Spring (noun) the season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation begins to appear, in the northern hemisphere from March to mid June.  It's 90 degrees!

For the record the record in San Martin for May 4th is 77 degrees (2004).  This is not Palm Springs.  It's not supposed to be 90 degrees in May.  The peas don't like it.  I don't like it.  It's creepy and it's going to ruin the roses.

I have a big and beautiful rose that only blooms once a year.  Now, I like to have it hang around just long enough so that I can make a jam that has rhubarb, rose petals and strawberries.  I call it Spring in Jar.  I send it to Greenville to remind them that yes, spring will come to them. Well the berries are here, the roses are here, but the rhubarb is still asleep in Greenville, where it's a balmy 75 degrees, but they are still having frost at night.

What's up?
Casey picking Strawberries
Corn, peppers, tomatoes, first of the green beans, spring greens, potatoes, more peas, radishes, eggplant, peppers, melons and cucumbers have all poked their heads out of the ground and look great.   ---- 

Coming soon to a box near you:
Swiss chard, radishes, artichokes, fava bean leaves, and more.  People and Planet May 19, SCVWD May 25.

Still to go in the ground:  more green beans, more flowers, the Italian Bean Trial, more onions, okra and squash.  Well, I'm off to water some more.

Chicken update:  One more lazy hen decided to give up sitting on her eggs.  We're going to call her Mazie.  If anyone sees Horton, send him our way.

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