Sunday, May 15, 2011

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Potatoes and Hay
This was one of my father's favorite expressions.  As a child I never knew what it meant.  l didn't know that hay that was rained on was ruined.   Bob Woods is 70 years old.  Every year he does our hay for us.  He pretty much does everyone's hay in South County.  He's got the experience and equipment.  On Saturday night as Leo and I were frantically planting before the rain, Bob and his helper had already mowed 200 acres of grass, baled and stacked it and round about 8 pm were putting a tarp on it.

Farming is still about making hay when the sun shines.  Some days you don't feel like weeding, or raking or bucking bales of hay, but when the sun is out, you have to do it, because tomorrow is too late.

Otis the cat loves hay.  He says he wants to drive the Zamboni...the hay maker....I know a Zamboni is an Ice maker, but you try and tell that to Otis.  Every year as soon as the haying equipment arrives, he's out there climbing on everything.  Just in case you can't see his silhouette above on the left, here it is again while he admires the view.

So where's my CSA?
Okay, the weather has been less than cooperative, but the garden always helps out.  People and Planet, you will have a delivery,  Thursday, the 19th.  Peas, greens, artichokes and more.  Strawberries is another crop that doesn't like rain, so I harvested them and turned them into jam.    There may not be enough berries for this week.  SCVWD you will have a delivery on May 25th

A Word about Jam...It's not made in a commercial kitchen.  I make it at home in small batches from what grows here on the farm, or what comes locally from other organic farms.  This is is the basic ingredient list for every jam I make:   Fruit, sugar, Pomona's Pectin, lemon juice. That's it.

Peas and Greens
You are not required to eat my jam.  If you don't want it, don't eat it, or?  leave it with Mike or Leo and they'll send it back to me.   

There are no guarantees or warranties on any baked goods or jams, pickles or anything that come from my kitchen.  You are free to take them or leave them.  I never charge you for jam or baked goods, they are gifts.  Enjoy them if you wish. 

Talk about wild weather...the roof blew off the traveling chicken house and landed on top the barn.   Dorothy are we in Kansas?

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