Thursday, September 23, 2010

CSA - September 23 - P & P

What's in the Box

Melons - Grover Delaney Watermelons or Sugar Baby Watermelons and cantaloupes, spaghetti squash, cilantro, tomatoes, eggplant, eggs, potatoes,
tomatillos, peppers, strawberries, and zucchini.

This week's special gift: salsa verde

There's so many peppers and so many of you getting confused between the hot ones and the mild ones...I bagged the hot ones and labeled them hot. Remember the little orange ones are Habaneros and very very hot.

Speaking of hot, this weekend is supposed to be August HOT. Take it easy. Those of you going to Po Girl, we'll see you there. Those of you going to the Taste of Morgan Hill, we'll see you there too. When it hits triple digits, everyone should take it easy.

Hey, check out Otis and his buddy, Spike. The drop trap is coming and Spike will soon be neutered...or is that spayed? Yesterday Mama Kitty went to be fixed. She comes home tomorrow to be in the bathroom/aka the kitty hospital for 3 days. Okay, we now have 6 feral cats in the garden. Thanks God for the blessings, can you stop sending them now? We can't afford to feed anymore of them, they don't eat vegetables.

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