Thursday, September 16, 2010

CSA - September 16 - P&P

What's in the Box?
Strawberries, Grapes, Bidwell Casaba Melon, or Grover Delaney Watermelon or Strawberry Watermelon, Zukes, tomatoes, peppers (even some Anaheims), tomatillos, eggplant, eggs, basil and flowers.

This week's special gift: Peach Pepper Jelly

I am asking each of you who received Bidwell Casaba or Grover Delaney
Watermelons to please save the seeds for me and return them in an envelope. Simply, just eat, spit the seed out on a plate and after a couple of days put them in an envelope. Normally, I keep all the rare produce and do the seed saving myself. However, then you wouldn't get to taste them. What good is that? As far as I know, I am the only grower on the West Coast preserving the seeds of the Grover Delaney Watermelon. By saving these seeds you help conserve a variety that is already extremely rare. Many of you know that the Bidwell Casaba is also being grown in Chico. Now, you are all seed savers!

And the winner for the biggest boat of the season is.....Zucca Rampicante! Yeah, the best tasting as well. Luckily, I need the seeds for this, so we are just going to let it grow. Beth believes Leo and I will load it on the car and take it out paddling!

In the middle of the bowl:
Listada de Gandia - a striped beauty, Rosa Bianca - the pale mottled eggplant near the flower, Black Beauty - very dark purple, under the flower, Beatrice - the lovely magenta on the far left.
Any of these varieties can be used in any Eggplant recipe.

I'll put them under a separate post.

Regarding the Anaheims, these are the hottest peppers that you have received, and these are still on the low 2 scale of Scoville. Just enough of a bite in these for salsa.

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