Wednesday, September 15, 2010

CSA - September 15 - SCVWD

What's in the Box?
Strawberries, Grapes, Bidwell Casaba Melon, Cukes, Zukes, tomatoes, peppers (even some Anaheims), tomatillos, corn, eggs and flowers.

This week's special gift: Assorted Jams and Relish

I hope all of you are enjoying the heirloom tomatoes. This is the biggest of the season. Beth thought it was two tomatoes at first, it is very close to 2 pounds. It made one whole batch of marinara sauce.

Yesterday morning it was down to 45 degrees, Autumn is definitely here. The garden is starting to slow a pace. Beginning in October we will go to every other week. For those of you on a share box, this won't affect you, you will still receive a box every other week.

The schedule for SCVWD will be:

Oct 6 & 20, Nov 3 & 17. We will be closed for December and January, unless the weather does something even more unusual and Jo's Broccoli arrives for Christmas!

What's coming up:
More melons, eggplant, sweet potatoes, walnuts, sun chokes, dried beans and squash.

It has not been a great year for squash. We haven't had the heat to grow great pumpkins. The Spaghetti Squash looks great, but some of the larger squashes are just not doing all that well. There are a few pie pumpkins out there, but not as many as there should be. This weekend I'm planting peas, spinach and lettuce. (I'm just waiting for Mr. Tiller to come home.) Yes it's true...without Leo no new plants can be set out.

On the right is Rocky, the crazy 1/2 Siamese cat. Rocky is about 10 months old. He's had his shots, he's neutered and even has flea treatments. As you can see, he does not believe that he's a feral cat. What he'd really like is his own garden with kid or kids. He's very affectionate and just wants to be loved. He has his own rock-n-roll dance that he does for supper. He comes when called and can hold up his own end of a conversation. Anyone who'd like to adopt him, give me a call or drop by and visit with him. He's a little shy at first, but quickly warms up. Given a chance he will cuddle. I guarantee he will polish your ankles.

PLEASE SAVE THE SEEDS FROM THE BIDWELL CASABA. It's very, very rare. Just place them in an envelope and put them back in your box. Now, you've all become seed savers!

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