Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Who are these guys?

How can you tell me you like a tomato if you don't know what it is. So, without further ado, here are the suspects.

Clockwise from the top:
Green Zebra
Black Cherry
Sun Gold Cherry
Isis Candy Cherry
Gold Medal a bi-color beefsteak
Djena Lee's Golden Girl

Top: 2 Big Bottom - Goldman's Italian American
Right and left Bottom: Italian Heirloom
Bottom Middle: Early Girl

Clockwise from the top: Amish Paste, Striped Roman, and Federle just in case any of you were feeling saucy.

As more of the tomatoes ripen and new varieties come in, I'll help you identify them. Now on to


On the Plaid Clockwise:
Dark Green, Ancho Mulato (2), Anaheim (1), Jimmy Nardello (0). What's with the numbers?
Scoville Units tell you how how a pepper is. The Ancho is the hottie in this week's group. The Jimmy Nardello is not hot, but sweet. They are beautiful when red, but I couldn't resist giving you a few this week.

And finally below these cute little guys are mini chocolate bells. Not hot at all. Okay the one on the left is a yellow bell.

Iffen we get any heat at all this summer, I planted a lot of colorful bell peppers, and they will color up. There's Red, Yellow & Chocolate mini bells, because Helen asked for them. Ask and you shall receive. Well, at least if you ask early you'll get them next season!

And no, there is not a eggplant in sight. The bushes keep getting taller and taller, but we need a few more hot days to set the fruit.

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