Thursday, August 5, 2010

CSA - August 5 - P&P

What's in the box?
White Corn, cucumbers, Early Italian Red Garlic, zukes, tomatoes, green beans, German Butterball potatoes, tomatillos, delicata squash and flowers.

This weeks gifts: Apricot Chutney and Cookies!

Check this out a double yolk! Reminds of the joke about the farmer who was so tight that one of his customers complained about getting a carton of eggs with only 11 eggs. The farmer replied that one of them was a double yolker!

And double eggs are lucky. While eggs with no yolk are unlucky. They used to think that the roosters laid the yolkless eggs and if allowed to hatch would make monsters like Cockatrice. We had a rooster that laid an egg once. But I'll tell that tale another time.

Above, here's the Casey taming the wild feral mother cat who's got another pile of kittens. Casey is helping me on the farm this week. Hooray!

Note: Everyone this week got those FANCY Italian jars. Your name is on them, please return them with the lid. These are BPA free lids. Sometime in August my order will come in, hey the order has to come from Italy because Jardin the maker of Ball lids is too thoughtless to make BPA free lids. And the Italians will send me the lids when they are darn good and ready. These lids are more expensive and these jars cost a small fortune, so please return them.

You all have a good week.

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