Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday on the Farm

Just when you thought it was safe to go out in the garden...there lurking behind a leaf is a not one tomato, hordes of them. I have filled every picking tray.

Actually, Casey and Leo filled every picking tray. I was sitting by the side of the freeway in a
broken down car. By the time I got home, they had already picked all the tomatoes.

So I went off to look for something to do to keep me out of trouble and I found melons! This week there will be Golden Honeymoon, a honey dew type melon, pictured top left.
The tiny little Collective Farm Woman Melon, bottom left is from Russia. On the right is Rugoso di Cosenza, an Italian melon. This is a type of Canary Melon. There are also a few Hales Best Cantaloupes and even a Blacktail Mountain Watermelon. I don't know which you will get in your box this week, but you will get melons. One lucky box holder will get a Sakata Sweet. Looks like an under ripe tomato, tastes like a ball of sugar. Which reminds me, with Melon Season comes our annual price increase. Throughout the rest of August and September we will be at $30 a week, and then we will drop back to $25. The reason for this is of course water. Melons are thirsty. These are the two months when the water is going 24-7.

This is the first week that eggs will come. I believe that everyone will get eggs at least once a month. Please save your cartons for me.

I will bring the eggs in a cooler, if it's your week for eggs, I'll tie an egg photo to your basket to remind you to take eggs home. Refrigerate them when you get home please.

Remember, eggs are not washed and you should not wash them until you are going to eat them. Egg shells are porous and washing them puts bacteria into the eggs, which will make them spoil quicker. Eggs are good for about a month. Right now the hens are laying little eggs, but by the end of the season, they should be a standard large. In a recipe calling for 2 large eggs, use 3 smalls.

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