Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tomatoes & Corn

Corn is up! I have spotted the first green tomato. This is the last year that we will be planting any hybrid tomatoes. We have a huge tomato trial going on. Thanks to Dr. Carolyn Male we will have more tomatoes that I can probably process. But hopefully, this will help us eliminate those pesky hybrids. We want to eliminate hybrids because we are worried that since the future of seeds and farming is in the hands of so few multinational companies, it puts our food at risk. We can't have that, so as of this year, the seeds of future crops planted on the farm will be in our hands. As for other crops. 90% is already OP and we save the seeds. That only leaves corn. As GMO corn contaminates all corn it becomes a problem to even buy clean seed. The early corn will all be old hybrids and we will transition to OP later this summer. We have received some beautiful seed from Dr. Alan Kapuler (many blessings on his head) which we will trial late summer. Last year we grew some gorgeous tamale corn and now have enough seed to plant enough for everyone.

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