Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Feral Cats

One of the things about farming that we have come to accept is that the farm attracts critters. This year we have had a plethora of feral cats. Some of these are extremely afraidand kind of scary. Some of them like Otis, are now happy to sit on our lap and have a steady food supply. We trap them, spay & neuter and then release them. Why do we have so many feral cats? Someone in our neighborhood has not spayed their female, she's big beautiful and black. She has made 3 litters this year. To the right is "Bossy Boots" he's a huge part Siamese male. He is the father of all. He's wary and cagey and we haven't been able to trap him. It's kind of sad. We are up to 8 cats that we can count. Big Black just had another litter. Sigh. There's 4 more kittens in the creek. We really can't feed anymore. This one in the old rabbit hutch on the left is the only one hunting gophers so far.

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