Monday, May 17, 2010

Dixie Chicks

Chick Flicks
Otis, the feral farm cat has been sitting and watching the Dixie Chicks all morning. This is their first week as home on the range chickens, what we call the traveling chicken road show. Every evening we move the chicken coop and the pen while the chickens are inside the coop. In the morning I open the door, put up the ramp and out they go. While the chicks were still inside the traveling coop, Otis would sit and stare through the round door. This is docudrama at it's best. Now that the chicks are outside he sits on top the house and stares at them for hours at a time. I'm glad that Otis has a good soap opera to take his mind off his troubles. It's not enough that he lost his sister, but our son brought home a kitten. Zack asked me if I wanted another cat. I said yes, but only if it was a hunting female. So, from the mountains Zack brought home an abandoned male Himalayan/Persian. Otis is not impressed with Dr. Professor Longhair.

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