Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SCVWD CSA July 25, 2012

Serpente de Sicily

What's in the box 

Early Italian Garlic,  Dark Red Norland Potatoes,  Mara Des Bois strawberries, flowers, Onions from the Onion Trial this week it's Firenze Torpedo , Zucchini - Romanesco is ribbed, Genovese is light green, Nano Verde di Milano is dark green, and the round one is Tondo.   Tomatillos, an anaheim and a few tomatoes - I'm calling it the salsa special.   Luscious White Sweet Corn,  cucumbers - Delicatesse, White Wonder & Poona Kheera, and finally  carrots out of the carrot trial - Long Red Blunt.
This week's special gift - Plum jam or Strawberry scones.  You got one or the other, except for one lucky CSA member who was kind enough to go to the feed store for me, so she got both.  Thank you.

Long Red Blunt Carrot  

Carrot Trial
We planted a full alphabet of carrots.  Carrots have been hard to find due to the issues with CMS.  What are we looking for?  We are looking for carrots to eat fresh, to juice and to dehydrate.  For years we loved a carrot called Oxheart, but then it just disappeared.  One of the interesting things about carrots are they are outbreeders.  So, you need at least forty carrots going to seed (not eaten by gophers) to keep a variety alive.  Plus you must constantly get rid of the weak and only save the strong which in the plant world is called roguing.  Oxheart is the story of a carrot poorly maintained.  Alas it's like the Dodo now and we can't find seed for love nor money.  So we are on the hunt for a few perfect carrots.  I think these ones are very sweet but without much carrot flavor.  However they might be a perfect bride for another carrot, so that we can keep the diversity going.

It's been a crazy week here at the farm and another late night followed by an extra early morning.   So this will be short.   See you next week.

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