Wednesday, October 26, 2011

September 26, 2011 SCVWD CSA

Last Box of the season. 
Peppers sweet & hot, Eggplant, Tomatoes,  Naked Seed Pumpkins #7, Little Greenseed pumpkins #8, herbs-oregano-thyme-parsley-sage-bay, dried beans, fennel, polenta corn and the end of the seasons special gifts: dried tomatoes, fruit or vege snacks,  pear, port, thyme conserve & red salsa & green salsa or pickles.

Scurvy Wenches and Privateers...Aye Mateys! We were boarded.  These Buccaneers found the treasure at the farm.  Strawberries!  Not many baskets were filled, but they did a fair amount of grazing, and then they picked beans and ate pumpkin bars.  Having made off with the booty, the pirates sailed off into the sunset leaving only us landlubbers.

Polenta Corn
For those of you who didn't read last week's blog about polenta corn.  Please freeze your ground corn for several weeks or refrigerate it for up to two weeks.  This is whole grain and it will spoil quickly unless treated with lots of love.

On the left is the two farm implements that we rely on to get you the corn, a sheller and a grinder.  Note the lack of gasoline engines, or electricity.  The grinding of corn is fueled by elbow grease, and mine is just about worn out for the week.  Good thing I had a little help from the pirates.

Remember the Naked Seed Pumpkin, the larger of the two is NOT edible.  Only the little seeds are delicious.  Please carve away and be scarey.  The Little Greenseed is edible and has naked seeds (or should).  If anyone gets one without naked seeds, let me know.  I'm keeping track.
My brother carved this awesome pumpkin

Okay, everyone turn in your boxes so I can put them away for next year.  And, thank you for a great season.  Seeds are pouring in from all over the globe.  I have greens from Canada, roots from France and Australia, turnips from New Zealand and of course many wonderful things from Italy.  I hope you all enjoy the dry beans.  When we start the season next year, there will be fresh, finely ground Southern corn meal suitable for biscuits and gravy, more dried beans, the Italian polenta corn, greens, popcorn and all kinds of great things.  So, if you are going to continue next year, please see Leo and leave him your deposit of $25.  Thank you and have a great holiday season.

Me, I'm in the kitchen madly sewing shark fins for Halloween.  Tomorrow, I'm planting leeks!

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