Wednesday, September 7, 2011

August 7, 2011 CSA - SCVWD

What's in the box?
Melons, Cucumbers,  Potatoes, Leeks, Green Beans and Tomatillos, peppers & Tomatoes.  This week I have separated out Indian Stripe tomatoes for you to try.   Please let me know what you think. The original seed came to Carolyn Male of NY from Donna Nelson, TX, who found this variety growing in the garden of Clyde Burson, a neighbor of her relatives in south central Arizona. Mr. Burson has been growing this variety for as long as he can remember.

What about those tomatoes
This week's special gift:  jam

In the garden:
This is probably the last week for melons.  Everyone sigh.  Ohhh.  Next week something special.  I have spent most of Labor Day canning and harvesting with Leo.  175 pounds of tomatoes came in.  And now, they must go to you.

Next week, your boxes will consist of canned goods and a bountiful quantity of squash for fall.  Squash is heavy and difficult to slip into your boxes.  And I don't have room for all of this.  So, there will be no fresh greens, consider this the doomsday box.  In case I never leave Sonoma and all is doom and gloom, you can always open a jar of salsa and think happy thoughts.  Leo and I will be going to Santa Rosa for the Heirloom Vegetable Exposition.  Zack has a painting in the show and I'm hunting the ever rare and elusive vegetable for you.

Sorry the blog was so late.  It was a hundred degrees and I was a little fuzzy this afternoon. 

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