Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tomorrow's Tomatoes Today

Fresh from the field
Tomatoes Tomatoes Tomatoes

Top Tray: Early Girls, PSR 37's and one lowly Santa Clara Canner.  This is the tomato that helped launch Del Monte Cannery in San Jose, of course that was before most of your time.  I was just a wee bairn when all the ladies would walk up the streets at 6 am, their hair tied in kerchiefs to work in the cannery.  The whistle would blow and back home they'd come.  Most of you won't get this tomato, this is for canning up spaghetti sauce.

Bottom Tray:
In the top left corner and bottom right corner, Indian Stripe.  The 3 red diagonals off the top left are Herman's Specials and in the middle of the tray,  sort of pinkish and heart shaped, Kosovo.

As you receive tomatoes, please let me know any that you love, any that you don't think are worth our time.  Remember only you can prevent the planting of yucky tomatoes.  

There's lots of jam out there,  you've been a quiet bunch out there.  Come on, don't be afraid to hurt my feelings, if there's something that's a spitter, I need to know.  Out with it.  Forget what your mother told you about ...if you can't say something nice...
I might make it again next year if I don't know!

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