Tuesday, August 9, 2011

SCVWD August 9 - CSA

What's in the box?
Beautiful Eggplants
All those tomatoes that we've been waiting for, zukes, cukes, some gorgeous eggplants, a few melons or strawberries, carrots, Cippollini onions (hey the smitten kitchen dot com has a great recipe for roasted tomatoes and onions ), potatoes, sweet corn, green beans, tomatillos & herbs.


This week's special gift:  Bread & Butter Pickles.  These are ready now, please refrigerate after opening.  Eggs only for those folks who didn't get them last week, or I somehow shorted on eggs on a previous week, you know who you are, so okay here you go.  Eggs.  

Report on Pig Damage
Tall Posole corn safe from pigs
We will not have rice this year.  Phooey!  Also, this will be the last sweet corn until late September.   Posole corn still coming!  Double Phooey!  There are very very few hot peppers or eggplants.  The bells are still coming along.  Now you see what happens when the State of California refused to deal with the feral pig population at Henry Coe.  The pig population is exploding and they are coming down to tow.  Seriously, this girl is the size of a couch.  A larger leather love seat.  At a huge expense, we have electrically fenced the garden. But the damage is done and I can't undo it.  I lost a huge section of Rare Italian Bush Beans as well.  So, buy corn and peppers.

They're here.  What a weird year.  Tomatoes and melons in the same week.  Okay, so if it's Wednesday, you received Collective Farm Woman Melons.  In the basket these look green.  Put them on the counter for a couple of days and they will turn bright yellow.  Sit down with a spoon and eat them.  More melons in weeks to come.

Bean Trial
Well,  on the bean front everyone should be happy, there's beautiful Beurre de Roquencourt (yellow French filets) Ilanz, pale yellow Romanos, and green French filets.  The beans in the Italian Heirloom trial are just beginning to make beans.  On the edge of each row of beans are gorgeous runner beans.  We'll have these in our dried bean soup mix.  I've been drying carrots, onions, and squash for this mix already.  These beans have 2 hummingbirds living with them.  They are better guests than the finches which are eating the sunflower seeds faster than I can pick them.

Yes, I'm just starting to harvest delicatas and dumplings, you'll start getting these at the end of August.  The bigger squash will be awhile. 

Happy Pollinators

Fall is around the corner.  School starts in a few weeks, summer's almost gone.  Who's responsible for that?

I've begun starting the fall vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, greens, finocchio and more.  Seeds are coming in from all over.  The latest from New Zealand and waiting for a new batch of all things French and delicious from Quebec.  Any of you who don't want to continue through the fall, now is the time to let me know.  Have a great week.

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