Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 28, People and Planet CSA & the Martins

Heirloom Italian Beans Exceeding their 7' Trellis

What's in the Box?
Green Beans -  Strangenbohn Ilanz or Cannellini.  Tomatoes - gold plum shape = Isis Candy,  Little Gold Cherries = Sungolds, the reds are PSR 37's our substitute for Early Girl, and the pink heart shaped tomatoes are Kosovos.  Trinity Sweet Corn, Paris Market Carrots,  Cukes - Poona Kheera, White Wonder & Delikatesse, Onions - Red Torpedo or Mill Creek, Cabbage - San Michele, Romanesco Zucchini, Yukon Gold or Dark Red Norlands, Early Tomatillos & a Bulgarian Pepper,  and flowers.

Mma Tutsi on Gopher Patrol
This week's special gifts:  Eggs, Strawberry Roll-ups and Mustard.

Bavarian Beer Mustard
Our friends at "We Love Olive Oil" in Paicines have developed an old family recipe into a mustard.  This week we are their guests to give it a try.  If you love it, you can order it for $3.75 a jar.  Let me know what you think of it.

Strawberry Roll-ups
As many of you know last year the dehydrator died.  It was very sad.  I have gone through 2 more.  Finally we are up and rolling.  Except I forgot to level the darn thing.  So, this week, the world's ugliest roll-ups.  Close your eyes and eat them quickly.

Beth's Party Marigolds
Green Beans
Cannellini beans are almost never available fresh.  They have a lovely beanie flavor.  This is the only week for them as I'm doing a seed increase so that we can have them as shelly beans and dried beans next year.  As always, the Swiss Stangenbohne Ilanz is a farm favorite.  In a week or two there will also be French Filets oh yes and more!

More Tomatoes
I'll take a picture of each kind and after this you can refer back to the main list to see what they heck they are.  There are 14 kinds of tomatoes this year.  Kosovo was brought back by a UN worker from Kosovo.  It's a very dark pink oxheart type.  These early ones are small, later they'll weigh a pound each.  Thanks to all of you for letting me know your favorites. 

Tomatillos - For those of you who can't remember what to do with these, see July 14, 2010 Blog.  Still the best tomatillo salsa we ever had.

Leo hiding in the Posole
Cabbage San Michele - This is an Italian Heirloom, very very good in a slaw.  So, you got cabbage, you got mustard - I suggest sausages on the BBQ.  Cabbage will remain fresh for many days in the fridge, so please eat corn.

Trinity Corn is the earliest corn we grow.  Of course, there's corn earlier, but it requires fungicide.  We don't do fungicide, as it's not good for the birds who are stealing our corn.  So, here it is July and you have the first corn.  The main season corn is Augusta.  I think it'll be here in a couple of weeks.  The Santa Domingo Posole looks good.  The posole is now 10' heading to 12' feet tall.  Even Leo's 6' legs can't keep up with this stuff.  I'll have to get a ladder to pick it.  Posole takes a heck of a lot of work to eat, but I promise you it's worth every second.  Also new this year we will have some corn for corn flour, corn meal and hopefully even polenta corn!

What's coming...melons, squash, and oh so much more.  Have a great week.

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