Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Chicks Come Home to Roost

They're here!


I got a call from the post office at o'dark thirty.  My chicks were ready to pick-up.  Well I was still in my p.j.s.  So I threw on my clothes and went to warm up the chicken house.  Oh no, the door won't close.  WELL that won't do.  Seems the rain has swelled it.  The door will have to come off and be trimmed.  It's dark outside, and now I'm running around with a flashlight looking for chick alternatives.  And where do all baby pets go, when they can't go home?  In the kitchen of course.  Once I had 2 baby lambs keeping warm in a roasting pan in my oven, until Leo could get back from the vet with syringes to hydrate them.

I knew right where everything was, as I was prepared for chickens, just not in the kitchen!  So I had to scope a box.  Lucky for me, my brother had just got a brand spanking new smoker and left the box near the recycling.  Home, chickey home, well until Leo comes home and takes a saw to the coop door.

There are 3 cats at the back door, saying why can't we come in and see the birdie num nums?
And what do new hatchlings get fed at at the farm?  Well they get the same thing we do,  fresh ground corn, lentils, quinoa, whole grain rice, and flax seed.  I also ran out and got them a fresh egg, straight from under one of the older hens.

These lovely chicks came to us from Sandhill Perservation.  There are some Dorkings, Ameraucana, Kraienkoppe, Rhode Island Reds, Wellsummer, and Jersey Giants.

Only 2 died en-route.  Funeral Services will be held at 11:00 a.m.  The rest are bouncing around, and Zack, the original Chicken Mommy is currently chick sitting.  I'm guessing of the 25 that are here, there are at least a dozen hens.   It'll be nice to have plenty of eggs again.

"No Mountain Lions need apply".

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