Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dill Pickles
What's in the box?
Purple Majesty Potatoes, Rossa Lunga di Firenze Torpedo Onions, Garlic of Kazakhstan,  Zukes - the pale one is Romanesco and the 2 tone one is Jade Numbat, the curly one is Trombone,  the white one is Bianco de Sicilia, Sweet Corn - Mystique.  (I hope you've already eaten it!)  Don't let it linger too long in the fridge.

Also, French Filet Green Beans, eggs, cucumbers - Armenian Acur Cukes, White wonder, Carosella - fuzzy,  Delicatesse  2 tone green, and lemon - little round, Butter Lettuce  and if you got a box -  Sungold Cherry Tomatoes.

This week's special gift is dill pickles. Okay, don't open them till August!  They need to cure

ickle me pickle me tickle me too.
Pickle Mania
It's been a piclish sort of week.  I've made relish, b&b pickles, zippy zuke relish, and I have a batch of half cinnamon moons on.  I know, sounds odd, but really I hope they'll be great.  I've been making pickles since I was just a spud.  My dad and mom were really pickle lovers and I spent hours as a teenager learning to can.   I still have and use my dad's quart jars.

But this jar on the left is my first departure from my standard canned dills.  These will be full fermented deli style kosher dills.  Leo and I are experimenting with fermented food.  For those of you who haven't spent much time with these, they are loaded with pro-biotics that help your gut flora.  I dunno about you, but my doctor has a thing about nuking my stomach with anti-biotics.  So, we'll see how these go.  They should be salty and sour if done correctly.

Remember when you get these (a few weeks from now), they MUST go in the fridge.  Eat them within a month.  These have required a major investment in time and equipment.  I had to get the Fido jars at Sur La Table and then the evil gophers ate all my dill, so Leo and I went all over hunting dill.  Finally found it in a field and paid the farmer to pick us a batch.  Whew!  It took all of us to make this happen.  Beth picked cukes, Zack washed them, Leo packed them and I cut salted and spiced them. 

Now, back to the farm, I have corn to pick!

Have a great week.

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