Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 28, 2013 - Locavores

What's in the box?
Chicken Little with Teeny & Tiny...Folded Comb...still sitting

Lettuce,  Bok Choi, Amaranth, broccoli, turnips, Carrots, New Potatoes, peas, fresh garlic, onions, carrots. This week's herb is basil.   If you got a box, you also got beets.

There were a few eggs.  Now that those silly hens and chicks are moved to the maternity and nursery wing, the other hens are back to laying.  Each of the five hens who took up broody duty this year have hatched at least one chick, some as many as four!  However, it remains to be seen how many of these are roosters.  I've already got my eye on one who certainly acts like a plucky young cockerel. 

George, large and in charge.
Poor Folded Comb, she sits and she sits and so far only one wee chick under her wing, but she is determined.   Meanwhile, George is still head rooster and keeps a close eye on his flock.  His son, Stewart (Stuart) is running the traveling hens and woke everyone up very early this morning to report a coyote on the prowl.  All I saw was tracks.  And yes, after we finish with the house of Stewart, we will move on to the French Court.  Of course, we hope that none of them end on the guillotine.  

How about those carrots?
Every color of the rainbow.  Let me know what you think.  I'm just as happy with plain old orange carrots.  Some of these have quite a history.  The dark purple ones are Turkish Black carrots.  The yellow carrot is closest to the original carrot. 

The broccoli this week was Purple Peacock and De Cicco.  That's the end of the beets.  Even some white Egyptian Beets made it into the boxes.  I myself love golden beets.  I must start more of these in the fall.   Of course I like all beets.  It will be a few weeks before we see anymore of these.

This week's onions were Cipolla Rossa Lunga Di Firenze  which is the name of the red torpedo onions and the yellows were:  Pukekohe Longkeeper out of Australia.  I hope to have both of these again.  Meanwhile the onion trial for seeds continues.  The gopher is sure enjoying these.  I wonder what onion stuffed gopher tastes like?

Have a great week. 

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