Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring at Foothill Farm 2013

Spring Sprang Sprung

2013 CSA and it looks to be a hot one!

March came in like a lamb, actually in came in like April.  For the first time in years, all the winter planted veges came too early.   So teaser boxes will be coming your way. 

All around me Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale, Cabbage are all bolting.  The Asparagus is here and will flower if we don't pick it.

So for the next week or two I will get asparagus and whatever I can salvage out of the field and get it to you.

Although the cabbage and kale are bolting, the flavor is still excellent.  It doesn't have the nice tight heads that I like it's still great.

So, Lacinato Kale, and Cabbage San Michelle coming your way along with, Romanesco Cauliflower,  Florence Fennel, Moro Blood Oranges, Dancy Tangerines, and Purple Passion Asparagus.

Why purple asparagus?  It contains more anthocyanins.  More is better, so I will always select purple strains if they taste as good or better.  I think many of you will find that this is the sweetest asparagus you have ever had.    Beets are also in and the Chioggias are just as sweet as can be.  I recommend roasting them!

Fire on the Farm
On March 7, we suffered a fire on the farm, a new chicken coop caught on fire, and a passing good samaritan saw the smoke and stopped to help.  I was just putting my pants on, when I spotted the commotion.  My sister-in-law, myself and this unknown hero battled the blaze and got it contained before the fire department arrived.  This shed was across from the barn and very near both farm houses.  If you know this fellow, or recognize this sweatshirt, give us a head's up.  We'd like to thank him.  We are very grateful.  It could have gone much worse.

If this is your first time as a CSA member:


Remember I don't wash veges.  They keep longer if you don't wash them till you use them.  I pick all veges the night before and the morning of.  Any fresher than that, and they'd rise up and slap me when I harvest them.  WASH eggs before using.  Washing eggs leads to forcing bacteria through the shells, so don't wash them till you're going to use them.  Please wash and return all canning jars when they are empty.  


So what's up?

What's been planted:  Potatoes, garlic, onions, leeks, radishes, turnips, parsnips, lettuce, swiss chard, rutabagas,  favas, faro, beets, carrots, peas and beans.   Awaiting transplant, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, peppers, lettuce, more greens and eggplant.  This year in addition to the regular tomato trials and bean trials, we also have some new peas, garbanzo beans and vignas - black eyed peas.  Right now the snow peas and edible pod peas are up.  There's also a row of shelly peas up, and one more that's just starting to peek.  I know we are still 1 month from the last frost, but I'm taking a chance and planting some other things early.  I got my first sunburn of the season.  Gee, I don't normally do that until June. 

St. Joseph of Paradise sends a box of seeds

Future Planting:

Cukes, zukes, squash, melons, corn.  We have received seed from all over the world.  Well, okay I also sent seeds all over the world.  We're really excited about some Italian tomatoes that have come in that arrive very late, and you just hang in your garage and pick them off the vine when you need them.  Boy, how many times have I wanted tomatoes at Thanksgiving!  (Every year).  We also got some cool new seeds from Turkey, Spain, New Zealand and Oz!  Lieven, a plant breeder from Belgium has promised to send us some new seeds as well.  Each year on the farm we enjoy Lieven's Leeks! 

What's the schedule look like for April?  Like a typical early spring, we will be on the every other week schedule.  I will send you each an individual e-mail of the schedule.

Have a great week, and welcome back!

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