Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 3 & 4th CSA

What's in the Box

Ornamental Edible Squash, Melons! Melons! Melons!, Eggplant, Tomatoes, Tomatillos, Peppers - sweet Hot and Bell, and okra.

Whew! hot enough for you?
Too hot for me.  100 degrees in the shade here.  Too hot for canning and too hot after 11 for picking.  I'm watching our greens fry in the sun.

This week's melons include Grover Delaney Watermelon (please save me the seeds), Emerald Gem,  Golden Jenny's and Chanterais.
and Zuccherino.  The numbers following the melon are the brix levels.

If you are in the People and Planet CSA you also got Ananas.  This is a melon that smells like a banana and tastes so sweet, it's like eating sugar.

I ate so much of this melon that well, the next day, I couldn't eat any fruit.  I love this melon.

We are still tasting Watermelons and storage melons.  So many melons left to go.

On the Farm

Well last week on Thursday after delivering the CSA boxes I got trapped in the recycling.  I got tangled in some insulation tripped over a concrete block and then the recycling bins fell on top of me.  So, Leo had to plant for me over the weekend.  On Sunday I tried to rally and was stung by a wasp while shelling corn.  Sheesh.  So I went down again.  Bruised and stung what a week.  I'm back up, but moving slowly.  I'm very thankful that Zack was not stung while standing on the ladder handing me down corn from the rafters.  Now that would have been a disaster.  This was all Joseph of Paradise Corn and I finally got it dried, shelled and mailed back to him, with plenty of seed left over for next year.

Last week we harvested the ancient Italian Flour corn and its now hanging where this one is, drying down.  As soon as this heat passes, hopefully on Thursday, we'll get the polenta corn out of the field and up to dry.

We've been shelling beans like crazy.  Boy fall comes on quickly.

Have a great week.

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