Thursday, December 29, 2011

Seed Mania

What is it about January that makes you wish you had a melon?  Maybe the thought that August is still eight months away and the only melons available come at a very high cost to the planet, because there sure are none growing in California in January.

Well I was thinking about this and so I've gone to the ends of the earth to try to locate the melons that are good stored.  These are melons that would be harvested in August and September and that you could hide in your garage, root cellar (just kidding, I'm pretty sure none of you have a root cellar), or fridge until January.

Well, storage melons are hard to find.  They are just not mainstream in this country, but in Spain, well that the melon de jour.   So last year we started with the San Juan Canary (big yellow top left) and the Valencia Winter (small green/yellow).  So this year we will add to these, the Juen-Invenizo, Helva de Invierno,  the Canary Island Villaconejos, Albecete de Todo El Ano, Cuenca Verde de Invierno, and the Tendral de Valenciano.

Don't worry, I'm not giving up the Hales Best or Eden Gem, or any of your other favorites, I'm adding to them.  Zatta- an ugly Italian melon, Ananas-a pineapple flavored melon that grew at Monticello, and a couple of French melons:  Melon de Luneville & a Charentais.

So, yes, there will be Melon Madness.  Get your spoons ready.  Well, that is if it rains....

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