Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where's my CSA?

It looks like Spring
Day after day it just looks like Spring, but every night I get frost.  I'm itching to plant things.  So far I've lost a tray of broccoli, tomatillos, and a field of potatoes.  

Patience, patience counsels Leo, but I'm running out of patience.   Yikes, look what happened to the Concord Grapes!  Okay, I'll add a drop of patience.

Casey's Onions
Not all is lost though, the early onions, greens, and garlic all look great.  Which is great, because Casey has been worrying about "her" onions.  Since Casey planted this patch, it is now the official Casey onion patch.  The peas and favas are coming right along.  Some of our early plantings survived the deluge.  We are able to work the fields and are tilling and preparing fields.  The sprout house is full and ready to be set out, as soon as the frost gives up.  We had hail last week!  Hail! 

Casey without onions
Seeds just keep pouring in.  This week the heirloom bean seeds from a seed saver in Italy came.  Also some great squash from the Long Island Seed Project.  Carole Deppe has sent us her latest, Hanaan Pop Beans, which I can't wait to plant.   You put it in a frying pan and pot it like popcorn.  It tastes like a nut.  Cool beans!
Don't be fooled/Frost damage on grapes

Okay, I'm here, the seeds are here.  Where is the weather?  Or as Casey said,  "Dude, what did you do with my Spring?"

Lemon Extract
The wind has been fierce and I'm watering like a little rain cloud. 

In a few weeks everyone will get this Lemon Extract made from Meyer Lemons.  The recipe is from Eugenia Bone and her blog on the Denver Post.  The painting in the back is a new one from our son, Zack.  So Dude, if you have spring, send it our way.

If you are in the People and Planet delivery schedule, your next bag will be May 19.  If you are in the SCVWD delivery schedule, your next box will be May 25.  Of course, that's if we don't have a monsoon or snow flurries. 

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