Friday, March 25, 2011

March 25, 2011

Quick, someone sing the song about the Itsy Bitsy Spider...I want to hear about how the sun came out and dried up all the rain!

As you can see, the last 2 inches of rain we had on top of the previous 4 inches of rain have left things a bit wet.  What we are looking at is the plot of spring veges, mostly underwater.  This will delay the CSA boxes until at least May.  I need 3 solid weeks of sunshine to get into the fields again.

My normal planting date is April 15.  That's exactly 3 weeks from now.
So, I don't think there will be any deliveries for April.  All is not lost however,
I would like to deliver a basket next week to all the People and Planet folk.  Because, as you can see, the asparagus is not deterred by all this rain.   So there will be a FREE box of some greens, lemons, asparagus, herbs and flowers.   I'd like to deliver this next Thursday.  Anyone who is not interested or won't be around, please drop me an e-mail. 

To the left is all the veges that I have not been able to plant due to the rain.  The onions, garlic and tomatoes look great.   Many wonderful seeds have come in from Italy from other small farmers and a few from scientists and plant breeders around the world.

Since it's been raining, we haven't been sitting on our hands.  Check out the new Organic Hemp CSA bag made for us by of Vermont.  Any one looking for a great sturdy bag, made in America here they are.  Susan's work is impeccable and her service was terrific.

The little bags below are the ones I have sewed for fresh greens.  Leo and I dyed and stamped the organic cotton this winter.  When wet they will keep greens from wilting and will save on plastic bags.  You can store your veges in the bags in your fridge.  They can be washed in the washer and dried in the dryer, or line dried.  Just return them with your bag.

Have a great week.

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