Thursday, January 6, 2011

When Good Quilts Go Bad

Rain, Rain, Rain

Well I can't farm, so I might as well sew. About 20 years ago my sister made Leo and I this quilt when we got married. Which was a good thing, because at the time we were living in the barn, and it was cold. But after 10 years on the bed and 10 years on the couch, this good quilt had begun to show it's age. It was coming apart at the seams.

Well about 5 years ago I took an needle and thread to it and made repairs. After all my sister had hand quilted this king size blanket! Sheer Martyrdom. But even that didn't last. So I took it to my local quilt shop, Material Pleasures, and together we decided to try to repair it by applique.

They very nicely used their die cutting machine to whip out these flowers for me. I peeled off the back and ironed them over the holes. Kind of like giant iron on patches. I then spent the afternoon quilting around them. Now this quilt can go back to the cabin and live for another 20 years.

I kind of like these flowers. They remind me of the 60's, when my sister plastered these flowers all over anything that didn't move.

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