Monday, July 19, 2010


Otis Disappeared
While we were at the cabin, he just vamoosed. I have called for him every morning and every night. Rocky, the cross-eyed goofy feral cat comes, but no Otis. Hissy Missy, the mean mama feral comes along with her kittens, Bibbs & Boots, but no Otis. Holstein Nakai comes out, but no Otis. Leo and I were about to go to the pound and see if he got picked up, when guess what we found stalking the Asparagus. Talk about skinny! Leo is very fond of Otis. Officially, Leo hardly notices the feral cats. But Otis is his special case. He and Zack tamed Otis. I really didn't think it could be done. I thought Leo and Zack would get bitten or scratched at best and were wasting their time. If they wanted a tame cat, we could go to the pound and get one. However, I was wrong. Otis chose Leo and now we have a dedicated affectionate garden cat. I'm glad he's home. As for Leo, I caught him in the garden cuddling this skinny little boy. Where do cats go?

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